How to Request for refunds

This plugin also allows guest users to Refund /Exchange/ Cancel their orders. They can send the request from ‘Return/Exchange Request Form form.


After clicking on the ‘Submit’ button, an order detail page will display with Refund, ExchangeCancel Request tabs. By clicking on these buttons users can send the requests.

  1. Refund Request:
  2. Clicking on the Refund Button, A Refund Request Form will display. After filling out this form users can send the refund request to the admin.


     After Clicking on the Submit Request, Refund Request will transmit to the Admin.

  3. Cancel Request:

    Click on the ‘Cancel Request‘ button, A Cancel Request Form will display, here user can select those products which they want to remove from the order or cancel the whole order.


    Click on the “Cancel Product” to remove the selected product from the order.

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